CFO Advisory Services

Leverage our team’s extensive expertise in capitalizing, operating and growing companies and partner with one of our experienced CFO’s to provide financial leadership and oversight for your business. No matter what your long-term goals are, BrightIron provides you with the resources and information needed to nurture your team and achieve success — however you define it.


Fractional CFO

Our experienced CFO’s can add significant value to your business by providing financial leadership and oversight to your finance department, and by expanding your leadership team capabilities to include the strategic financial perspective of a CFO. Our CFO’s help you make financially savvy decisions about where to take your business next.

Our CFO’s can assist with developing annual corporate goals, creating annual operating plans (tied to corporate goals), measuring actual results to plan, recommending profit improvement plans, assist with investor management and board reporting, and assist with sales compensation plans. In addition our CFO’s can assist with negotiating sales and vendor contracts, developing sales and revenue forecasts, creating cash flow forecasts and developing multi-year financial models to identify future capital requirements needed to continue growing your business.

Raising Capital, Mergers and Acquisitions

Our CFO Advisory Services can also assist businesses looking to raise capital, by helping prepare investor presentations and financial models (with integrated balance sheet, cash flow, income statement and assumptions), negotiating term sheets, assistance with investor due diligence and financing documentation review.

In addition, we also offer back office support to companies undergoing an M&A transaction. Often during these periods, a company’s existing finance team is stretched thin. In these cases, BrightIron works with your team to ensure that you have the necessary resources to continue operating as normal, while simultaneously dealing with the numerous due diligence and financial information requests from the buyer. There are many reasons why a sale transaction might not close, but with our support, a lack of resources or poor execution won’t be one of them.

CFO Training, Coaching and Mentoring

BrightIron can take a capable finance leader (Controller or VP Finance) and transform them into a brilliant one through weekly one-on-one coaching sessions. By partnering up with an experienced CFO, your finance leader can go to “CFO School” and develop their leadership and strategic thinking skills to take a business to the next level. We also offer on-demand support so your finance leader always has access to a highly qualified sounding board, allowing them to flesh out and get feedback on the ideas that will improve your company’s bottom line.

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