Cloud Bookkeeping
and Accounting
for Startups

Whether you’re an early stage, pre-revenue startup or a rapidly scaling, venture-backed tech startup, we save you time and money while meeting your Bookkeeping and Finance needs so that you can focus on growing your business.

Cloud Accounting Services That Grow with your Startup

From newly incorporated companies that just need bookkeeping and payroll support to more mature venture-backed companies that need financial statements to manage your business and raise your next round of funding, the BrightIron team has the experience to support you through your startup’s growth journey.

Why Work with BrightIron

We know startup
accounting and

We are operators first!  We have been full-time accountants at high growth startups previously in our careers – many of us at SaaS startups.  Only through that real-world experience did we learn the nuances of operating the accounting function at a growing company, especially ones that are VC backed.  We know that accurate and timely financial information is required by you to effectively manage your organization and its many stakeholders, and we’ll get the proper processes and systems in place to ensure that you have the information you need, when you need it.

That Was Easy

We make it easy
to work with us

We know that Finance is an important part of your startup but as a growing company, you have a number of other areas that require your attention. We will use cloud-based technology solutions that fit within your companies’ workflow to make it easy for your team to work with us. You will also have a dedicated team who is available to support you on your growth journey, and make recommendations along the way.

Full Back Office Finance Team

We can scale
with your business

With our team of Bookkeepers, Controllers, and CFOs, we can grow with your organization from your seed round until your successful exit, or until you’ve grown to the point at which you are ready to hire a full-time accountant.  How many firms can say that they can help you with everything from your bookkeeping at inception to helping you raise your next round of funding to assisting in negotiating your eventual company sale, and everything between.

Partner with a cloud-based Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Finance firm that specializes in working with startups.