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Fractional HR
For Startups

Work with HR leaders who have real world experience developing and scaling the HR function at startup organizations. As your HR partner, we provide services and solutions tailored to startups, encompassing everything from hiring and onboarding to retention and offboarding. Let us guide you through the complexities of HR and support your team through every step of the employee life cycle as your company continues to grow.


Grow your startup with full cycle recruitment

We know that hiring is one of the biggest challenges for a startup. Startup companies will often employ a patchwork approach to recruiting which can be very time consuming, even when using an external agency. We look at recruiting more holistically as it encompasses everything from writing enticing job postings, having an attractive careers page, training your team on how to conduct effective interviews, to the process of making the final offer. Landing the right candidate requires more than simply posting a job and sifting through resumes. Let our experienced HR team help you attract and hire great team members while streamlining your recruitment so you can focus on your business.


Welcome new team members with confidence

It’s important to have a smooth and welcoming onboarding process for new employees as it reaffirms the new hire’s decision to join your team. We will work with you to develop an onboarding process that is simple, supports new hires, and ensures compliance with local legislation. We will develop processes to help your new hires successfully transition and hit the ground running. We will implement templates, checklists, and resources to support onboarding, and ensure new hires understand the company’s policies and compliance requirements. We will make sure every new hire is setup for success.


Keep your culture thriving with effective talent retention programs

Retaining talent is critical for the success of a business. Workplace practices, compliance, your HR tech stack, providing opportunities for development, performance management, compensation analysis and great leadership are all required to maximize employee retention. We can help you implement solutions to increase employee retention while your company grows. Don’t let your hard work finding great team members go to waste. Let us help you establish programs and practices that will help you retain your top talent.


Transition departing team members with ease

Saying farewell is never easy, but your process can be. Our Fractional HR service is here to make this process as efficient and professional as possible. We establish an offboarding process to ensure a seamless transition. We also provide guidance on statutory notice requirements and can recommend additional payments as needed to support startups in offboarding with care and compliance.

Let us help you navigate HR and support your team through your growth journey