When you work with BrightIron, you gain access to the collective experience of the entire BrightIron team, as well as to our network and industry contacts. We have worked with many successful entrepreneurs and growth technology companies, and below is a sampling of what our network has to say about their experience with the BrightIron team.


Jamie Schniederman, Co-CEO

“BrightIron’s CFO advisory services are ideal for any growth technology company looking to tap into a team of experienced high tech CFO’s without having to bring on a full time CFO. The insights and value that Wilson Lee has brought to my company as our CFO has been tremendous. I would highly recommend BrightIron to any of my fellow tech CEO’s looking to get more from their investment in the finance function.”

Deep Genomics

Matt Cahill

“After we raised our seed round it became clear that we needed more support with accounting and bookkeeping. The team at BrightIron quickly put in place the processes that we needed and has been a valuable partner ever since. They have seamlessly integrated with our company and are a pleasure to work with. Knowing that they’re looking after the books has allowed us to focus more of our time and energy on building the business.”

Mantella Ventures and Ventures West

Robin Axon, Partner

“Wilson has been the CFO at a number of successful companies within and beyond the Ventures West portfolio. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Wilson through several of these roles as well as alongside Wilson as an Executive in Residence (EIR) with Ventures West. Wilson’s experience extends well beyond finance and operational leadership as he’s also played a significant role in the M&A process for some of these companies as well. Wilson truly has a unique set of experiences and skills that will add tremendous value and support to CEO’s dealing with any number of the ‘hard things’ that are involved with building a successful technology company.”

Authentic Web

Peter LaMantia, Founder and CEO

“I worked with Mandeep at a time when our Company had just made a large acquisition which I was tasked to integrate and grow. Mandeep was a key member of the due diligence team on the transaction. Subsequent to the transaction, I leaned on Mandeep to understand the Company’s metrics and financials as we transitioned the customers to our platform. Mandeep is great to work with and always delivers. His insight and support was critical to the success of the business and customer integration project.”

Relay Ventures

Alex Baker, Partner

“We are big fans of the team at BrightIron and their ability to add value to our portfolio of investee companies. The combined background and experience are unparalleled in the tech community. As an investor it is an easy decision to recommend and refer BrightIron to our investee CEO’s.”


Ian Sharpe, CEO

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mandeep. I have found him to be a great strategic partner and trusted advisor. I brought Mandeep into the Company to be our fractional CFO as I was previously unable to get transparency around our financials and for a start-up organization understanding your cash situation is mission critical. In a relatively short period of time, Mandeep was able to come into a rapidly growing company and develop the structure and processes required from our Finance organization in order to provide the entire management team and investors with a high degree of visibility and improved accuracy around our financial information. During Mandeep’s time as our CFO the Company has increased its user base 10x and has more than doubled our workforce.”

FloNetwork Inc. and Fortiva Inc.

Eric Goodwin, CEO

“I was fortunate enough to lead FloNetwork (sold to DoubleClick 2001) and Fortiva (sold to Proofpoint 2008). Both were successful exits with premium valuations. Wilson was my right arm, for both of these success stories, he showed leadership, insight, and strong communication skills, which provided me with CFO competence, and a clear and unfiltered view on financial and operational matters that continuously helped define smarter decisions, and optimization of resources. Wilson was also the most highly prepared and successful negotiator I have ever encountered. If he were a movie he would get top reviews, he is a 5 star performer.

In my experience, the CFO role is typically managed by the CEO and is one of the last hires in the management team. I have seen this over and over with many small companies, trying to manage expenses by delaying the hiring of a senior financial person during the start-up phase. Wilson Lee can provide that expertise in an On-Demand model, and provide his 15 years of start-up experience and increase the probability of success more than any other start-up hire.“


Jeff Brenner, CEO

“We have worked with bookkeepers and advisors in the past but decided to continue working with BrightIron as I was impressed by their thorough understanding of the unique needs of a growing tech company. If you are running a SaaS business and thinking of working with an outsourced bookkeeping firm, you should definitely check them out. They bring so much more business insight than your typical bookkeeper.”


Robert Mimeault, interim CEO

“I was looking for more than just a CFO to help me deal with the growth issues at LiveClips. I was looking for a business partner with start-up, strategy, business development, financial management, and financing/deal experience to help me with LiveClips. Wilson Lee was referred to me by a highly trusted colleague and mentor of mine. His role in closing a $5.75M strategic investment and commercial partnership with both DIRECTV/NFL Sunday Ticket and IMG Worldwide was critical. All aspects of the transaction were well understood, measured and negotiated throughout the whole process. His experience in this area provided LiveClips with credibility, professionalism and a successful close of the deals.”


Vince O’Meara, Co-Founder

“Having worked with Wilson at Mazooma, I can say that he has a keen understanding of what it takes to drive a startup to the next level. Wilson has the passion and intensity level that is needed for startups and the ability to bring strategic thinking into practice and execution.”


Rob Segal, CEO

“Mandeep was a key member of my management team at WorldGaming. He brought a level of financial insight that was critical in ensuring the Company made decisions knowing the associated financial impact. His ability to analyze, strategize, and execute were critical to the Company’s rapid growth and success. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”