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Payroll Support for Startups

Processing payroll is complicated, and normally one of the areas that well-intentioned founders make costly errors. Let our team of experienced professionals manage your payroll needs. We will work with you to ensure that your employees are paid the correct amount, on-time, and all government remittances are made.

Payroll processes that
save time and money

We know that payroll is often the single largest operating expense in many startup companies.  It is critical that it is managed correctly. We utilize leading cloud-based payroll solutions that makes managing payroll a breeze. Whether your team is salaried or hourly, our team will ensure that payroll is calculated correctly, direct deposits and tax remittances are made on-time, and that your year-end filing obligations, such as T4s, are completed.

Unlimited payroll support

We know that payroll questions will come up often. Whether it’s a question about how an employee bonus should be paid or details about an individuals pay, we are here to answer any questions that you have.

Accurate remittances
for peace of mind

Errors in payroll withholdings or payroll related government remittances can be costly. We utilize cloud-based software to ensure that the correct withholdings are made and remitted to the government and that any EHT/WSIB filings that are required are correctly made.

Startups that have used our Payroll Support Services

Get peace of mind knowing that your employees are paid and government remittances are done on time