Bookkeeping, Accounting and Finance Services

Investor-Ready Services for Startups

Startups aspiring to raise growth capital through a Seed, Series A or Series B round of financing, need to ensure their financials are investor-ready. As part of any financing process, investors will review the company’s historical financial statements, key metrics/unit economics, and financial forecasts, before funding any startup. Getting your accounting and bookkeeping system set up right is the foundation for creating investor-ready financials.

We make sure your financials are Investor-Ready to raise growth capital and also provide accounting and CFO advisory services.

Investor Metrics

Investors look at specific unit economics such as costs to acquire a customer (CAC), expected lifetime value of a customer (LTV) and more importantly your monthly recurring revenue trends (MRR) to determine the growth and momentum of your company. We work with you to define and keep track of key metrics for your business.

Departmental Chart of Accounts

Unlike the default expense category chart of accounts, we will help you identify and track operating expenses by department. This helps management compare the effectiveness of each department and provide critical information for making future business decisions.

Accrual Based Accounting

BrightIron will set up your accounting system to track deferred revenue in your subscription business. This tracking method allows you to record a transaction when the goods or services are rendered. This revenue recognition is in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) and a must for investor-ready financials.

GAAP and Complex Accounting

If your accounting needs are more complex than our general bookkeeping, we can provide controller or CFO-level support (with CA and CPA designations). Our team assists with GAAP reporting requirements, as well as supervision of internal or outsourced accounting staff, revenue recognition, deferred revenue, stock option expense calculations, and more. No need to hire an expensive full-time controller or CFO – our team can scale with your needs.

Cash Flow Management and Forecasting

Knowing your current and future cash position provides critical information needed to make sound business decisions. To know your projected cash balance on a rolling weekly or monthly basis, we will help you build and maintain an integrated cash flow forecast. This visibility lets you know when cash will be tight so you can be proactive in managing your business through it, and stretch every last dollar to its limit.

Corporate Tax Returns and Financial Statements

Filing corporate tax returns and providing financial statements is inevitable for any business. BrightIron either collaborates with your external accountant/tax preparer to gather year-end financial statements and relevant files or we can prepare and file your T2 tax return. Either approach, we ensure that we minimize your income tax liability in the process and provide you with an installment schedule so you know the amount and due date for your payments.

Your startup is growing fast. Work with a bookkeeping and finance team that can grow with you.